Monday, July 22, 2019

My New Desk

My new desk with Master Magnetics that has a window!

My old desk at Ads On Magnets.


This month, I started a new role as the Graphic Designer for Master Magnetics. It is the same office that I was working at for Ads On Magnets. I get to use the same computer and have the same daily commute.

The best part is now I have a new desk with a beautiful view out the window! Plus two new monitors and a gaming mouse with a gaming keyboard.

I will be working for the Master Magnetics Marketing Department on the Magnet Source brand. So, in that way, it is similar to the design roles that I have had in the past. For the next week, I am continuing to work for both sides of the company. That is until my replacement at Ads On Magnets starts.


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