Friday, January 06, 2017

CES 2017 Day 2

Friday at CES has began to be what I was hoping for out of this trip. The conference is ramping up. Many of my friends were at the Monster booth. There were new audio products that Monsters were demoing. I did not get to speak with the Head Monster as he was busy talking business in a private meeting.

The Panasonic booth was fantastic with home automation and various tri-screen 4k tv displays. The best thing I experienced at Go Pro's booth was a cube that records 360 hi-def video. It contains 6 GoPro cameras.

I met a cool gaming company, making accessories for the classic NES system remake. Found a few colleagues who are now succeeding at new companies and met a handful of other tech folks from Colorado.

To sum up the rest... lots of smart automated cars, Gibson's latest guitars and 3D printed vehicles.


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