Monday, March 14, 2016

Bring on the Spring

Things in the Springs are starting to warm-up and the snow has mostly melted away. Deep snow is only the west side of the mountain range now. I have been getting out on hikes and loved to see everyone out at the St. Patrick's Day parade downtown. We even got the whole family out to climb a mountain a few weekends ago.

Changing from the corporate in-house team lead role over to independent hired-gun creative work has been my biggest transition recently. I absolutely loved making big marketing campaigns and product launches at Silicon Valley consumer electronics companies. The great people I've been forming alliances with in Colorado are talented Marketing and Ad Agency founders. Creative business leaders with amazing ideas and big plans for growth. It does feel rewarding blazing a new trail, but still a little weird not having a salary with a desk in a big building which 200-500 people share.

The nicest blessing overall has been time spent working on our house and yard. I get into that stuff and find it relaxing. Remembering to stare at the mountain range is replacing remembering to sit on the beach and listen to music.


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