Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Up Manitou Springs Incline

Trevor Dubbert at the bottom of the Manitou Springs Incline

This morning I hiked the Manitou Springs Incline. Above is the view from the bottom of the trail.

Manitou Springs Incline stairs near Colorado Springs View of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs halfway up the Incline

It was a challenging walk rising in elevation 2,000 feet in less than one mile. The steps are like old boards from a mining track.

Trevor half the way up the Incline

Above is a selfie halfway up the stairs. This is the point where a false summit makes you think you're almost there. Whew! I recommend starting in the early morning because mid-day heat would make it hard to carry enough water.

Trevor at the top of Manitou Springs Incline

Made it to the top! It feels awesome when you complete the trek up. Bar Trail connects here and goes up Pikes Peak. It's also the best trail to take down.


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