Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekend at home

We have been busy lately around my house. Finally, this weekend is a relaxing one. Not a lot on the docket. With my commute down to work in the South Bay, the weekdays have been full. There are a couple hours at night to enjoy playing with our daughter and watch a bit of TV.

Then last weekend, my wife and baby girl were traveling out of the City. Our dog Frankie and I went on a Sunday road trip down the Pacific coastline. We were hitting up beaches in between Pacifica and Carmel on Highway 1. It was an amazing sunny day for California dreaming. There was even a pro surfing competition in Santa Cruz that we watched. The final stop was Pebble Beach, where Frankie and I took the 17 mile drive and went for a refreshing swim. I would like to visit again sometime without the dog and bring my golf clubs.

Today by contrast is simple. Just tinkering around the house and yard this morning. There is a football game in the afternoon between the undefeated Kansas State Wildcats and Texas Christian University. It should be a good game to watch. Those Texas colleges all take their football programs seriously.

The fewer plans the better, as I am taking a much needed breather.


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