Friday, June 22, 2012

Shuttle wraps

I recently created van wrap artwork for TiVo's commuter shuttles. We wrapped two shuttles which pick up TiVo employees at two separate locations. I applied the same design to both vans, but varied their colors so they can be easily identified by the daily commuters.

TiVo Mountain View commuter van wrap
TiVo Freemont commuter van wrap
Original shuttle van. No wraps.

Above is the original van before the wraps are applied.

Employee getting on shuttle.
TiVo commuter shuttle van side.
TiVo van wrap design.
TiVo van wrap design.

It feels good to see these driving around the South Bay and on the freeway. The final application of the shuttle wraps turned-out brilliantly. The branding is hard to miss.


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