Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Last weekend

We've been enjoying sun and warmth for the last few days in San Francisco. What a backwards climate it is here. The rest of the country has snow when we have 70 degree summer-like weather. Then in the summer months like July we'll be pushing the low 40's with a cold fog. No wonder so many authors and artists thrive out here. Inspiring.

It has been a good start to 2011 with busy schedules and lots of planning. My fiance and I have started to put the finishing touches on our wedding plans. Details of our big day are nearly all in place. I was able to help cut costs by designing our wedding website and the save the date cards. Traditional invitations have about eight inserts, envelopes, and cards inside of them total. To keep things relaxed we let a vendor wedding site handle the design of those. It's exciting to get closer to the date and to be getting married to such a wonderful woman.

Beside working on projects for the new year and planning our wedding, I've been enjoying barbequing with friends. We hosted a evening cookout on Saturday and played a some three on three basketball.

The Superbowl was quite a show this year, though most of the commercials were very bad. I did like the quick moment in the Snickers commercial with Roseanne Barr getting hit with a log. Ha! She's still got it. Chrysler had an awesome commercial about Detroit that featured Eminem and some cool landmarks from their city. The Volkswagon Darth Vader kid was cute too. Football was the name of the game though and it was down-to-the-wire toward the end. Green Bay deserved to win with their better running and passing game. I felt the Pittsburgh Steelers played very tough football and showed a lot of heart the whole time.


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