Saturday, January 01, 2011

Holiday 2010 designs for TiVo

During October and November I designed these holiday marketing materials while working on TiVo's Brand team. The examples below are from an integrated customer upgrade campaign. This project was extremely fun because I was able to design for a printed direct mailer, social media, email marketing, and the web site. All of the pieces were designed using Adobe Creative Suite.

Below is the initial sketch from brainstorming a theme for the 2010 holiday designs.
Holiday campaign stetch

This double sumo postcard folds to 6"x11" for mailing. Below are the inside and outside of the direct mailer which was sent to all upgrade eligible customers.
Holiday direct mailer outside
Holiday direct mailer inside

The email design for the campaign followed by the landing page are pictured below. Both the printed and online pieces carry over the same look and feel.
Customer upgrade offer email
Upgrade offer landing page

Designs for TiVo's social media properties reflected the look of the mailer and emails. Below are the Twitter and YouTube page skins I worked on for the TiVo PR team.
TiVo Twitter page holiday skin
TiVo YouTube page holiday skin

An informational email with more content to layout, the company's December newsletter also featured the branded look of the holiday offer designs.
December newsletter email


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