Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Summer

From the last post's images it looks like we had quite a hot summer in California this year. Not so. The fog rolled in through most of August and not just blanketing SF's city limits. As soon as September came, the sunny days were back. The past two weeks have been gorgeous.

It's wild trying to keep up with people asking me for multiple things from every side. Constantly keeping on top of many requests at work is the norm. No biggie. Add to that all of the responsibilities which came along with changing addresses. We had a great housewarming party. Thank you to everyone who came. Finally, the main priority are the preparations for the wedding of my beautiful bride to be and I. We've been blowing off steam by exploring the huge parks and new shops in our end of the city.

Andrea and Trevor engagement photo

Our big wedding is planned for May next year. We used a local printer HH Imaging to do a short run of Save the Date announcements. They were very polite with a quick turnaround. Good for fast projects that don't require extremely scrutinized quality. Many thanks to Elizabeth Cayne for the engagement pictures photo shoot. Unfortunately, space is limited at the wedding site. I am unable to invite everyone. If you don't get an invite please get into contact and we will celebrate together in other ways.


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