Thursday, June 17, 2010

SEGD Lecture for Design Week

Tuesday, I went to hear a lecture on environmental design that was a part of Design Week. SEGD (Society for Environmental Graphic Design) put on the event at a CCA building in the City. Two speakers Kyle Reath and Alan Jacobson gave presentations about their experiences.

Kyle Reath spoke about work that he had done and also gave a general overview of environmental graphic design practices. Pictured in his slide above are graphics that you can see walking the Embarcadero sidewalk in San Francisco. These are between the Ferry Building and AT&T Park (Giant's stadium). The signs on the HP Pavilion in San Jose that Reath spoke about were awesome pieces made using highly modern electronic materials.

Alan Jacobson's lecture covered his studio work and impressive projects he has been doing to benefit people in Rwanda. In the top image you can see some graphic design examples. The middle image shows mosquito nets being given out in Rwanda which was only a small part of the work he's been doing over there.

First visiting to design a memorial shrine to victims of the 1994 genocide he has returned multiple times. Teaching art, helping beautify and improve the quality of a small village of people. He has also helped the village people to begin a sunflower oil farm with a refining process and branded product they can sell.

The lecture was inspiring and I'm hoping to design some environmental spaces soon to explore way finding techniques.


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