Friday, May 14, 2010

May, Detroit, Summer

It's been a career-focused Spring with the design work going on at TiVo. It's rewarding, but I'm always itching for more excitement and ways to express myself.

The weekend trips are a window of excitement to break-up the computer time. The weather is clearing up from rain we've been getting in the Bay Area. Next weekend it's my first trip to the "D". Detroit (and hopefully a day in Canada), to meet my girlfriend's family. I'm looking forward to seeing Detroit, because California drivers are too often all flash with no guts. It takes a Motor City resident to show you how a car is meant to perform when pushed to it's limits. My girlfriend has those skills. I have a similar driving style... we get places in no time. We have rented a car and are booked to meet a bunch of her family. If they are anything like her then we'll get along just fine.

This Summer is looking to be good, also. With the amount of rain early on this year, our state parks are going to be beautiful. I'm hoping to get out and do some camping and visit the coast.


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