Thursday, March 04, 2010

Condensed black fonts cut through trees.

My employer, TiVo, launched the new TiVo Premiere on Tuesday night. I worked on a lot of print, web, and branding pieces for the campaign. The most exciting for me are some billboards that are the first oversized outdoor signs I've made. Just went up this morning. Take a look at that headline... it's soooo bold. There are some tree issues which could not be avoided, but viewed from the interstate the black condensed typesetting cuts right through them.

Reimagined. Reinvented. Reallycool. TiVo® Premiere

The next revolution from the original TV revolutionaries. TiVo® Premiere
Next exit: Gold Street

The Creative Director came up with the rings graphic element. Five rings represent LED lights on the front of the TiVo Premiere box. The green ring is the power light, orange lights up when you use the remote, the blue ring means now downloading, and finally two red rings are the dual recording tuner lights. Many more designs were involved in the launch and I'll post more sometime soon. Please visit the rebranded, redesigned, reallycool website and take a look for yourself.


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