Sunday, February 14, 2010

Calm Sunday

It's a relaxing Valetine's Day morning and I'm going over plans for solo projects. Happy Valentines Day, BTW! After a name refresh the newly branded Dubbert Designs has emerged in the past few months. Graphic pieces include the introduction of my signature mustache umlaut along with an all-caps slab-serif typeface choice for the logo. I picked local printshop Clubcard Printing to do a run of business cards. They made it easy to upload artwork, had around a 1 week turnaround time, and I was very satisfied with the quality. Stay away from the high-gloss options, unless you want to look like those post-cards stuck under windshield wipers.

A couple of print projects are being scoped-out along with the online/website ideas that come together organically. Just items that I would like to make that can be produced in short-runs. I've got a handful of ideas to fund and create myself without outside distractions. It's a way of balancing out all the workday projects at TiVo which are extremely exciting and continue to create new challenges.

Overall, things are going well with design and leisure. My girlfriend and I got back to NYC last weekend to see what's going on over there. Some of those pictures will be uploaded soon. We made it up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty this time! Definitely the best (and most patriotic) attraction in the city. Also, the Tim Burton exhibit in the MoMA was impressive and worth mentioning. Luckily we flew out just before the big snowstorm hit.


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