Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where does all the 2009 go?

Well there has been crazy amounts going on this year. Yes, social networking has made it difficult to keep up with blogging. Perhaps a status message screenshot is called for:

Trevor Dubbert is tapping on a little screen

So what's going on in the design world? Well! Let me tell you, suckas! 2009 is all about star bursts. That's right. The burst is back. With the economy down, stores are closing everywhere, and that means huge fire-sales on websites and storefronts. Also making a come-back is the word "SALE" in all-caps and bright red over-sized price-points. It's glorious.

Ridiculous star burst graphic

On a local note, we held a photo shoot in the Tenderloin last Sunday for the upcoming issue. Basically ran around the neighborhood dressed as criminals and superheros. It was a blast. In the photo below you can see the crew setting up a shot in front of the Ha Ra. The next issue of the Loin's Mouth is set for release in May.

Photoshoot for TL Man


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