Friday, January 23, 2009

January so far

Finally got a breather this afternoon, so here is the skinny on January. For 2009, I rang in the New Year in style watching the Butthole Surfers rock-out at the Fillmore. They are still totally psycho-punkish-hard rockers and the show was awesome. Even got a midnight New Year's kiss from some random girl. Not bad.

Once the holidays were over things at TiVo really started taking off. I've been working on all kinds of exciting projects and am thankful to have a good gig during these hard economic times. A couple of my friends have approached me with freelance opportunities, also.

Then, there are the art galleries. I've been able to attend more openings lately to hob-nob with the fine art folks. There is a spot above my bed that I'd love to purchase some impressive art to fill, but am still a bit weary about spending too much cash.

Life is good in general. Things have been incredibly busy both socially and professionally. Tenderloin Heights is still as crazy and loud as ever, but the after Christmas sale shoppers have started to disappear from the hotels. Mayor Newsom has been sending lots of cops through the neighborhood to clean things up. We'll see in the long run what the effects are.

Oh and Vinnie says what's up... purrrrrr


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