Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Activity since Thursday

It's been a busy and exciting last 7 days. First of all "America!!!". Good job. We did make the right choice yesterday. It's strange how the election makes me feel sweet with that dash of bitterness. I've been sold on Obama for quite some time and am very proud of what we've achieved. The bitter part is watching my home state turn red on those damn maps! Hopefully, I don't have to endure more ignorant jokes from these Californian folk. Nevermind all of that, this outcome is not about branding each other on where we were born. It's about fixing the country, which now looks possible! Hip, hip, hurray!

Now a quick summary of everything since Thursday. The Loin's Mouth issue #7 came out Thursday. It was a good release party even though I had to duck-out early. I'm planning on going back to Annie's Social Club. They book some for-real punk acts. Friday night was Halloween. Though my costume was just thrown together it was funny. It consisted of an Alcatraz stocking-cap, creepy mask, and a bright neon jacket. Whenever anyone asked who I was I'd scream, "I just got out of prison! Don't f*** with me!" Then take the mask off and explain how it is still hard adjusting to society. It was a small house party with a rowdy group of buddies.

Saturday night was the opening of a new show at White Walls and the Shooting Gallery on Larkin St. All three artists were impressive. Though the work of Ron English stood out (mainly because he painted in the Renaissance style).

Then on Sunday it was time to spend some time in the botanical gardens of Golden Gate Park. You can trick yourself into believing you're in the Redwoods. Of course Monday, the work day came in like a bandit making things move quickly. Every work day is full for me with quick turnaround creative requests for the TiVo brand. I dig the work and do all of this crazy stuff in my free time to keep from burning out. It's a juggling act balancing work and life. I do alright lately by not getting frustrated with either.

Oh and once again... "America!!!"


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