Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Seein' Argentina by bus

Nine days into this vacation, I've seen lots of Argentina. First spent a few days in Buenos Aires, figured out the subway, and got comfortable working things out with people who have a primary language that I don't really know (Spanish).

After finding the main bus station in Retiro, I got a ticket to Puerto Iguazu. The buses in Argentina are far superior to Greyhound, Muni, or Amtrak in the United States. I'd say they are more comfortable than all the U.S. airline seats also.

They have wicked huge waterfalls at Iguazu. It is in Northern Argentina on the border with Brazil. Here's a pic:
Iquazu Falls, Argentina

With a couple of days exploring the waterfalls under my belt, I grabbed a bus back to Buenos Aires. It's an 18 hour ride, but look at it this way... You get a meal (or two), the seats fully recline, and the rides are overnight, so you don't have to pay for a hotel that night! Win, win, win!

Yesterday, I took a bus to Mendoza. It's the wine region of Argentina where they grow all the Malbec wines. The city of Mendoza is located right next to the Andes mountain range (directly across the mountains from Santiago, Chile). This lil' city bonita is small and beautiful :P Today, I walked all around it and chilled in some parks. Tonight, the plan is to go out and have some of the local wine. After that it's back to Buenos Aires, off to the airport, a hop to Dallas, TX, then gettin' back home to San Francisco. I'd definitely recommend Argentina to anyone from the States looking for an awesome vacation adventure.


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