Monday, August 25, 2008

Wicked Busy

Things have been wicked busy lately. Working at break-neck speeds on projects during the daytime as become the norm. Also, I've been maintaining my possessions and friendships. It's been a long summer with not enough days for play. Totally counting the hours until labor day weekend! Eh, busy = good as far as keeping bills paid and student loans under control.

There was a big concert in the park this weekend. Lot's of music fans were in the city. I was able to hear Radiohead and Tom Petty from a rooftop in the sunset.

Let's see what else?: my cat is living like a fancy prince, I've been wondering why graphic designers get stereotyped as energetic slackers, there are some logos and print pieces which deserve to be uploaded to my online portfolio, AND the United States was able to do something good in the eyes of the world by competing strongly in the Olympic Games. Everything is going well... isn't it?


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