Monday, July 07, 2008

Weekend in review

This weekend was a good time all around. On Thursday night, I went with some friends down to a house party in Colma taking the BART. We played card games and such. Then went back to the city by midnight.

For the 4th of July a co-worker had a block party down in the Mission district. It was definitely the best block to be on for fireworks. They were shooting off round after round of the large illegal explosives. The police kept driving through and would even witness some of the mortar shells going off. Because there were so many people on the block and the fuses were delayed, nobody could be picked out of the crowd as the guilty party. My friend from Kansas State University, J.J., just moved to San Francisco to work at a start-up down in the valley and he came along. Also, I met a sweet girl and hope that she calls me back today to hang-out again.

The other two days were chill. Mainly just lounging and getting things together that two day weekends don't have time for. Now it's back to work!


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