Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Saturday Hustle

It seems that the weekends are the best time to post on blogs. They are also the best time to get out and walk through these crowds of people on the San Francisco sidewalks. Once again the weather is beautiful.

I am stuck in the Apple Store on the waiting list for the Genius Bar. My work computer has been running extremely slow. I'm going to see if these guys will know any tips. That freaking little spinning pinwheel icon is taking up too much of my weekdays :) The damn thing looks like this:

Some would like to call it a beach ball. I would like to call it by names forbidden in the book of Revelations. As Rick Valicenti said at his SF lecture, "Adobe should make little pins that look like the icon. So we can give clients the pins when deadlines are not met." <-- Paraphrased quote. Do not take it word for word, yo.

Last night, I caught the San Jose Sharks -vs- Dallas Stars game on TV at Pier 23. The Sharks came back from a two point lead by Dallas to win the thing in overtime. Love watching hockey (especially during the playoffs). There was a good D.J. spinning at Pier 23, also. He was playing mainly Bay Area hyphy beats, Notorious B.I.G. and some Snoop Dogg. The guy impressed me when he worked in B.B. King's "Pay the Cost to be the Boss" and some Barry White.


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