Friday, April 04, 2008


This was a rough week! My vacation was totally worth it. After all I had many exciting experiences in New York. It's been difficult getting back into the swing of things at the office. Thankfully today things started to turn in the right direction again. Definitely some sweet creative coming out of this lad.

Things have been going non-stop since last Thursday. Both fortunately and unfortunately I bought tickets to see the Black Keys a while ago. The show was Wednesday night. They are a tight little two piece blues band from Akron, Ohio. I would recommend paying attention to those dudes. The guitarist has the kind of talent of a kid who's been playing guitar since being able to pick up a rattle.

Last night was my first night of real sleep since my flight back. Tonight I'm going to do something a chill... Rolling Stones "Shine a Light" documentary in Imax! Beats paying $180 or so to see them play live. Then just crash. Whew.


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