Thursday, February 21, 2008

Packs of Consumerism

So I'm looking for a new backpack and its become an adventure of consumerism. My old backpack feels too awesome. It has got to be considered a funk-trap by now. After a while you just can't see your own pack you know?

For what it really is.

The right pack has to be um... post hyphy sweetness. There were some saddle bags at the Freewheel Bike Shop that caught my eye by Ortieb USA. This backpack looks cool, and this one. They are waterproof. That's crazy.

Wait, I'm supposed to think greener. Actually yeah, this one is only 23 bucks and made of recycled owls. The logo is subtle also, unlike what's his name.

Okay, going to play with my cat and think it over.


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