Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In review

On this, the last official day of the holiday season, it's a good idea to look back. Sure there are things from '07 that a person would rather not remember. I had some f-ing amazing experiences though. The good times never out weighed the bad times. They were damn good though. Believe me. For the majority of the year, I had an amazing relationship with an uncontrollable California girl. She would have to be the highlight of my year. Things don't always last... she's gone now, but she's still important to my life.

Let's see... #2... that would have to be the massive ups and downs that I experienced in the design industry this year. The year started out with a steady 9-5 gig down in the Financial District. I loved that job, but in the end corporate politics gave me the itch to develop my freelance business. This summer was crazy exciting, contracting with multiple Bay Area firms. I got to try out working under lots of different conditions: on-site, off-site, web design firms, advertising firms, corporate brand marketing, even custom Myspace profile marketing! In the end it's all come full circle as I am now working a steady gig in Silicon Valley which is going really well.

#3... I left the Academy of Art master's program. Let's just say it was time. I've been going to school for design since I was 19 years old. Classes just don't do it for me the way the real world does now. I feel very good about this decision.

Last but not least. I'm still kicking ass in San Francisco! It's been almost four years now. Trust me, something to celebrate. Lot's of people can't figure out how to afford this place. I've come out on top with next to no financial help from anyone and hardly any moral support from the other locals. It may be the West Coast, but city people are still cold no matter which one you pick. The people who are encouraging and polite are important to hold on to.

Alright, forget looking back. Time for '08. It's going to be hot.


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