Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Living in Circles

Well my life has begun to cycle again. Going through so many sweeping transitions, but the same things seem to keep happening over and over. One minute I'm loving everything and one minute I want to watch it all burn. Life just keeps coming at us... these times are unstable & the tension is everywhere, the best I can do is keep showing up to play. On a positive note, last night I went out for dinner and found one of my friends in SF who also moved here from Kansas. That was nice and brought some hope for the future.

Anyway, it's started raining again this week. Getting up this morning was a battle to end all mornings, but I paid the extra 10 bucks to take a cab to the train station. The cabbie was a good person to shoot the shit with. He was a Vietnam vet from New York and we chatted about the current state of San Francisco. The Cal-train was it's same calming commute and I got to read a group of pages in Catch-22 before Mountain View.

I'm liking this TiVo job alright. So far the people are engaging and interesting to work with. It's a lively group. Long-term gig? Who knows? I think I could enjoy working down in Silicon Valley, saving up and getting out of the downtown intensity. Maybe a larger apartment in a more pretentious neighborhood with less crime. There is time to decide and for now my life is all about getting through the holidays without loosing my mind. Going to movies has been a saving grace and random (if too spread apart) encounters with good people have been keeping me moving forward.


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