Friday, August 31, 2007

War Protest Oct. 27 in SF

Protest sticker on a light pole

In case you haven't seen any information on it yet, there is an Iraq war protest being planned for October 27th. People will be meeting at the Civic Center in San Francisco at 11am and walking down to Dolores Park after a peaceful demonstration.

Sure the war has been protested before to no avail. That doesn't mean we should pretend it does not affect us. Everyone is getting jaded about this stupid war and it is a good idea to speak-out about it. After all, how long can we be over there blowing up Iraq before the general American public starts to shoulder the blame for our government's actions. The government may not listen, but at least you can stand up for fixing this Iraq war problem that is hurting our country (and Iraq). Stickers and fliers are being circulated all over the city, so it should be a big event.

There is more information at this site:


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