Friday, August 10, 2007

Tenderloin Zine Release Party 2nite!

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Hey Everyone!

Just a reminder: The Loin's Mouth Issue 4 (Summer List Extravaganza!!!) is finally out TONIGHT, Friday, August 10th!!! Please join us at Whiskey Thieves (Geary between Larkin and Hyde) at 10pm and laugh your ass off with us!


Listmania!!! by Rachel M. (kiss my ass SFBG!!!)
The Loin Index by Steve Zabriskie
Vacations on the Edge of Paradise by Veronica Young
Artwork by Maxon Crumb
The Double-Edged Sword by Colin Hussey
The Olive Branch by Andres Jauregui
Interview with TL-Affiliated Band Cervantes by Rachel M.
Go! A Love Story by Hilary A. Post
Ask a Bartender! by Marc Meighwurds

And much, much more including... the Tenderloin Police Blotter; artwork by Trevor Dubbert, Maurice Carter, Micah Zurer, Alexis Barrera and Morgan Condict; photography by Colin Hussey, Ranny Viquez and Trevor Dubbert; poetry by Don A. Campana and Carrie Hunter; and additional writing/contributions by Dude Manbro, Randi Pucak, Linda Stansberry, Joe Donohoe, Nelson Hernandez, Charles the Heckler, Manny Rodriguez, and Eve Shen!!!!

Hope to see you there!

Rachel M.
The Loin's Mouth

P.S. Website will be updated shortly...

the tenderloin: the best cut of the meat


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