Monday, August 27, 2007

Portfolio Refresh

This morning I updated the Will2think portfolio page by getting rid of academic examples from school. Though I'm proud of the work done at Kansas state University and the Academy of Art University, it is time to put more professional work up.

A few pieces have been added from the freelance jobs completed this summer. More examples have been added. Instead of just showing a screenshot of the homepage there are now examples of my icon designs and a print design (which I'm especially proud to show off). I'm still going to leave the Paul Thomas Anderson film festival poster that I did in Hunter Wimmer's class a couple of semesters ago at the Academy. Because it is f'n boss. Since designing that project, I've noticed a ton of companies using the color bars concept. Maybe the ripped me off :) haha

P.T. Anderson is still working on his new movie "There Will Be Blood". I'm a huge fan and have obsessed about his films for years. You can find out more information on him here:


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