Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Loin's Mouth | Issue release pics

The Loin's Mouth, Issue #4, Summer 2007 NOT VOTED Best Local Zine

The fourth issue of the Tenderloin neighborhood zine was officially released at Whiskey Thieves this Friday. Here are the results.

Trevor posing for the release with a pretty woman.

It's always important to pose with a pretty lady for the release photos.

Rachel M., some cool guy, and Collin Hussey.

Rachel M. (on the left) is the editor-in-chief and all around fearless driving force for the Loin's Mouth. The guy in the middle is cool. He contributes something... can't recall his name... On the right is Colin Hussey. Colin is a well informed political writer for the zine and also contributes a lot to the zine's photography/graphics.

Raj getting some love from the Loin's Mouth women.

Raj is moving to Connecticut so he received much love...

Many drunk girls kissing Raj at once.


Rachel hugging a cutie.
Guy with hands in a dazzle formation.

This guy was a Scientologist in issue #3's pictorial.

The release party was such a good time. With Whiskey Thieves' jukebox, lots of sexy T.L. people getting hammered, and the release of the zine, how could it not be? I'm really happy with my contributions this time around (and everyone else's too). Locally written grit-articles about the hood. Tenderloin style humor is dirty, you'll have to find and issue to see for yourself. There were a thousand printed.

If you want one they are FREE! Try Whiskey Thieves, HARA, and City Lights bookstore. They also be in local coffee shops, restaurants, and other Tenderloin pubs until the stacks are gone.


Blogger The Loin's Mouth said...

hey trevor! it's rachel! i posted a link on myspace to your blog, so people could check these out! thanks for posting these! FYI, there were 3000 issues printed this time (although we've distributed only 2200 so far)... rock on!!!!!

10:47 PM  

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