Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hella Road Trip (2 of 2)

Part two, yo.

Fish and chips restaurant in Morro Bay

So after Yosemite the drive down highway 41 lead me to Morro Bay. This fish and chips stand is located conveniently in front of a beach and power plant. I had two halibut tacos. The line to order took 55 minutes and then it took 30 minutes for the food to be prepared. It was worth it. Who wants to talk to people in Morro Bay? I'd rather stand in a slow moving line.

Vultures on a beach in Morro Bay

After the tacos, I went to the beach. These vultures were eating a post-life creature, so I ran up on them and took some photos. After Morro Bay, I stayed in San Luis Obispo. It was not cool enough to take pictures of, but was cool enough to go out for drinks and meet awesome people.

Toy Superman being held by a hand over Santa Monica Boulevard palm trees

Da, Dah, Dawh! It's Superman! In Los Angeles!

Bus stop poster advertisement for the LAPD

LAPD officers equal two normal people. The hand pointing to the sign belongs to a secret person, who you will not know. I do though.

If you break into a place in Bel Air, they will kill your shit
Sculpture with female hotness

The final stop on my trip was West Hollywood. The final experience of my trip was of the Getty Museum. I saw Zac De La Roca there (he is the singer from Rage Against the Machine). It makes sense, because he is from L.A. and would totally enjoy a museum as much as everyone else. I'm not the kind of person to go up to rock stars and beg for a picture though. He looked very happy; not nearly as mad as he is when he is singing.

Overlook of Los Angeles freeway 405

That's it busta's. From there I went up I-5 like a Indy 500 driver and returned the rental car in the nick of time. It was a great escape. I love you San Francisco, but I also hate you and want you to shut-up. Gotta respect the way a city can do that to you. California. Mmmmmmm


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