Thursday, August 23, 2007

Down with interviews

This week I'm starting to get down with these interviews. Well, actually only one interview has happened so far. Four potential ones were planned at the beginning of the week. The good news is the interview on Tuesday went really well. The company's Art Director complemented me on my typography skills. I added a lot of recent pieces to my portfolio this weekend, which helped. Nobody wants to see a portfolio entirely made-up of examples... even if they look awesome. hehe

I'm also excited about Anselmo Smile Dental. I did that site's design a long time ago at StudioMoon and was pleasantly surprised to see that it has gone live. A lot of the stuff I did at StudioMoon fell under web development, but this is one project where I was able to do the design and layout (plus the cute intro page) while getting direction from Tracy Moon. It feels really good to see the site up and makes me even prouder of the time I spent working at StudioMoon. Tracy is a great designer and she taught me a lot about how to run a small agency. Though I could have done without the two weeks of sorting old project files in the dusty basement!

One other thing that has me feeling good this week is the "Loin's Mouth" zine. I've been seeing stacks of the latest issue everywhere on Polk Street and in the Tenderloin. Definately grab one if you see it. It's some funny stuff and I've got some dry humor Tenderloin travel pieces in it with original photography.

Oh yeah, I may have made a new freelance contact. That's one more good thing to add to the list. Now if my bank account can just stay out of the red until some checks come in :) Gotta pay the rent. That's the top priority. That and learning to love again after my last break-up. Welcome to Trevor drama. It's a wild and sometimes wonderful life.


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