Thursday, August 02, 2007

Car envy

Classic red Plymouth parked on a San Francisco street.
This is another hot car that I noticed walking around the neighborhood. I've been taking notice of all the sweet rides lately. It must mean that I need to do some serious driving asap. This ol' beauty is one of those Plymouths with the big fins on the back.

I'm finishing up a quick project for Marker Seven before the weekend. They need an email, landing page, and a registration page drawn up from a pre-existing pdf design.

Last night, my buddies T.J. and David came out to the Tenderloin. We hit up Bacchus Kirk and Whiskey Theives. Didn't stay out late, just caught-up over a couple of beers. Tonight there is a big anniversary party at 111 Minna. I've got a lot going on tonight, planning for the weekend, but hope to make it there before it's over. Those fine art kids are fun to stare at.


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