Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Brunch & Bust!r's tag

Plate of pancakes.

After waking up at 8am today, I did my usual routine of checking email. Downkansasarts.org needed a quick update. Besides that, I'm following some leads for new work opportunities. That's been the way the last couple of months have worked out. Doing a handful of quick freelance jobs while looking for that right fit.

My friends Janet and Lucia from school wanted to have brunch at Dottie's' True Blue Cafe. We got down there and it was closed on Tuesdays... only Tuesdays? Oh well. I suggested Golden Coffee and snagged the above pic of my pancakes. Yum!

Bust!r graffiti tag.

A local graffiti artist (I call him Bust!r because of earlier pieces.) has been tagging up the neighborhood. I am pretty sure I know who this guy is from the Tenderloin characters and his work is everywhere. I've started taking pictures of his tags when I see them.

Bust!r graffiti tag.
Bust!r graffiti tag.

This one is in the Stockton Street tunnel.

Bust!r graffiti tag.

Street art has been taking-off in the fine art world. I'm all for it. It reached it's peak about a year ago when the big names started publishing books of their work. Graffiti is very "real" compared to other mediums. It's starting to saturate the galleries though. The next big thing should be street sculptures in my opinion, but then again I'm a pixel guy.


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