Thursday, July 19, 2007

Watercolor chillin'

My girl and I split up this week, so I'm doing a paint by numbers watercolor to chill out. It's pretty relaxing. Reminds me of Ozzy's therapy painting from The Osbornes. The Applestore got my computer fixed in only a day. Not bad. I did miss the thing last night though!

Paint by numbers underwater scene only slightly completed.
Cropped-in view of clown fish.
Here is a detail shot of the clown fish for ya.

I bought this paint by numbers kit about a year and a half ago because it would be a cool tattoo for my back. Still haven't saved the extra cash to get a tattoo that big. I'd get this image, a quarter filled in with color, and add a sea turtle. Then get the color key on the back of my calf in the shape of a trivial pursuit pie. One of these days. It will happen.


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