Monday, July 30, 2007

Today just getting through

Today, I had both acupuncture and chiropractor appointments and my back is starting to feel really strong. This afternoon I went to see the Simpsons movie with my friend Liana. It was funny but I was in a really dark mood due to the city giving me a raw deal these days. Good to have a laugh or two anyway.

Then this evening there was a book release party at City Lights in North Beach. It was for a book called "Beat: Photographs of Counter-Culture Icons" by Christopher Felver. I checked it out and listened to a few speeches by the author and the beat poets in attendance. They mentioned Jack Kerouac a lot, so I figure these guys were the real deal from the 1950's. It was a fun crowd, though once again nobody talked to me. I got a little tired of people saying "who is that" and "who invited that guy"; so I went into the basement and read a book on the British Punk Scene in the 80's.

In order to calm my black cloud of "When will the girls in this city see me and why doesn't one of these companies just put me in front of a computer and let me do quality work for them?", I did more planning on my trip tonight. Instead of camping along the coast on my way to L.A. I am going to go to Yosemite before driving down the five. It's going to feel so nice to be near some nature. I've really got to take a quick vacation. The tourists are clogging my sidewalks and it's time to clear out the ol' car alarm stress build-up.


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