Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy? Friday

It's been a wild week with lots of lessons, ups/downs. My assignment with the Creative Group is coming to an end this Friday. It was some intense Flash banner production. I have to say. Whew. Probably pumped out 50-100 banners in three weeks with not much time to count. Overall it was a great office and I apologize for being so vague in the blog-a-sphere. The company name should probably be kept under wraps until I know if they give me permission to post that kind of thing. I would like to work with them on another assignment down the road for sure, but need a break from banners for a week at least.

Still interviewing around the city for possible other opportunities. I had some promising interviews at a company in the SOMA and am really hoping they give me a call-back. If not, the Creative Group has my back and they have a bunch of assignments going constantly.

The Smashing Pumpkins album is awesome. It's definitely dark like Black Sabbath doom rock and 90's alt-rock depressing with brutal honesty. They are commenting on the times we live in and I give Billy props for being an honest songwriter in the middle of a sea of posers.

Besides all of that just trying to hang-on. This week has been a test of my sanity with downtown street noise. Being pulled in multiple directions both professionally and personally seems to be the theme of life lately. I have the strength and responsibility to get everything back on track. The world has not broken this guy quite yet. Just roughed me up a bit and it's time to brush-off the all vibes. Someone noticed my site and blogged about it the other day. That felt awesome and it is inspiring me to move forward with my not-for-profit personal art explorations.


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