Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day stuff: interviews, H Potter, cafes

I have another interview today. *fingers crossed* With my girlfriend moving to Sonoma, it is time for some good news and/or happy thoughts. I spent most of yesterday preparing my portfolio. It looks awesome, so I'm hoping to knock their socks off. Freelancing has its rewards and it's challenges.

Over the last few months I've worked for a diverse range of companies and made enough cash to squeeze by. It will all come together. Things always do in the end.

Last Saturday, I bought the 7th Harry Potter book (just like the rest of the world). It was a very relaxing day. Ocean beach was amazing. I spent a few hours out there reading and getting sun. The new book is like everyone says... exciting. It feels very actionable and the pacing feels more like the speed of Indiana Jones movies then the slower story-building 5th and 6th books. The book is so easy to read. I think this is due to the collective conscious. Millions of people are reading the same text at the same time after all.

Once again, I ate at my favorite cafe today, Golden Coffee. They had the SF Chronicle to read and I have begun to look over the candidates for the next election. Cindy Sheehan is running for Nancy Pelosi's position. I'll probably vote for her, because Nancy has turned tail on everything she ran for on her platform. Even with repeated calls from her supporters to do what we voted her into office to do.

As far as the President goes... who knows? Hillary is out of the question because it would be ridiculous to have the Clinton and Bush families in office for three decades. I may vote for her if she really impresses me, but it feels too much like a monarchy having only Clintons and Bushes deciding the fate of our country. There would be nothing wrong with having a female President, for sure. The President is going to be a tough choice. Giuliani is a good speaker and a leader who gets things done. Unfortunately, he stands for almost everything that I do not and we do NOT need another Republican ruining everything that makes the U.S. good. Perhaps the green party will finally get my vote. Where are they anyway? Green Party? Are you there? It's time to speak up.


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