Friday, July 27, 2007

Cheers to coffee -n- chiropractors

Trevor taking a vain picture of himself in the morning while holding up coffee and trying to show the computer station behind him.
Gotta love coffee. Gotta try real hard to keep the habit at a one coffee per day limit. Cheers to American coffee (South America is America too...) and the way it keeps us all working away.

Now, I'd like to express my joy at having my back and arm problems going away. As you may be able to see in the background, my work station is now set-up ergonomically! Let me tell you it feels nice. Just had to elevate the laptop to eye level and get a wireless, ergonomic approved mouse and keyboard. Keep your joints at right-angles people! Seriously, when you bust your ass on the computer all day you have to take care of your body. There is a great chiropractor in my neighborhood who has been setting me straight. If you are down around Geary St. near the square look her up. Her name is Dr. Lonna Denny.

This morning I'm doing little not-for-profit jobs for clients like the Downs Arts Council and reading some Harry Potter. Just getting some stuff out the door that had been on the back-burner. Still have my fingers crossed that a steady gig is on the way, though I've been squeezing by alright on my short-term projects.

Tonight is the Smashing Pumpkins! I'm posting pics even if they are shaky and far away. I know, I know "shut up about the Pumpkins." Well I'm a Pumpkin Head and hella proud! Tonight at the Fillmore. I'm sooooo beyond excited. This will be the fifth time that I've seen them play.

By the way... "Common Ground" is a free publication that you can pick up in the newspaper dispensers on Market St. It's a good socially conscious publication and each issue I pick up is better than the last. I'm not sure who makes it but I'm guessing that it could be the local design firm Organic. It reminds me of their design style and they have a few advertisements in it.


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