Sunday, July 29, 2007

Booking some trips

This Tenderloin Heights living is giving me some concrete and cabin-fever. I spent the last few hours booking trips for myself to get out of the house this year. Later this month, I'm going to drive down the coast in a shiny new rental and go camping on the way to Los Angeles. Then, spend a couple of days taking loads of randomLA shots.

Then, for my sister's wedding in Kansas City, I booked a flight to the Midwest. It was tricky getting a sweet deal due to her getting married over a major holiday weekend. Many people travel back to KC in order to spend times with their families making tickets similar to the cost of a doctor's bill. From working at, I have learned how to find the best prices using all of the travel websites in tandem. Plus by flying out right during the holiday and back on an off-peak day, I was able to lower the cost of the flight by about $300. That is great considering I am planning on going to New York City for a weekend this year too. Love that town. Limiting myself to booking only two trips today sounds like the best budgeting plan.

I enjoy traveling to different cities in order to expand my visual memory. As a designer it is important to be exposed to multiple viewpoints and environments. When you have a strong idea of the outside world then apply that to your design, it makes your work have vital depth conceptually.

This weekend has been relatively relaxing. Relative to the past 34 weekends anyway. I've been socializing in order to meet some new folks. So far, I've met some good people and some ehhhh people. No complaints though, any interaction is welcome. If I'm going to live in San Francisco for another three years I've really got to find my click.


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