Monday, July 16, 2007

AIDS Walk Event Pics

Starting line of AIDS Walk 2007.
People walking through Golden Gate Park.

This year the AIDS Walk in San Francisco was a large turn-out and over 4.5 million bucks were raised. I walked by myself and took a bunch of pictures because nobody knew me. Hey, people don't talk to me all that often. It makes me hard and bitter! But I've got a heart after all (even if a cold one) and walked the 6.2 miles in order to help-out. The day was not without some political drama...

Religious protester tainting people coming into AIDS Walk with his Jesus sign.

This guy was being a prick in the name of religion to the people walking. The ladies in front of me gave him a loud yelling session. I think Jesus came back later in the day though and sent him home, because he wasn't around after a while. Drunkards? In addition to being a "God hates..." spokesman, this guy is also is a Stanford fan :)

State Senator Carol Midgen spoke to the crowd before the walk. She opened with a funny "You all have some soaked tushies." joke and closed with "Bless you in your trek today." Carol sounded like a very sweet lady.

These were most likely the coolest people there.

The route. I got to see parts of Golden Gate Park that I'd never seen before.

This religious protester had the opposite stance as the man at the entrance. He was inside the event and I believe I saw this guy walking with everyone else.

Before leaving the walk we all signed a wall. Then these lovely belly dancers entertained everyone. In the end we raised a lot of money for the AIDS foundation and research. It was not hard, just a long walk in the park.


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