Saturday, June 30, 2007

Status update

This last week, I started a contracting job through the Creative Group. It's in a sweet office right down Sutter St. from me. Very nice to walk home for lunch breaks. So far it's going well and the people I'm working with are cool. One of the other contractors was a Strangers With Candy fan, also. He recommended a show called "Little Britain" and I told him about the show "Spaced". Just planning to work there next week and keep up the contract thing unless an amazing full-time position comes along.

The summer has me itching to go explore. Today, however, it's a lazy afternoon with You Tube and Smashing Pumpkins videos. Still enjoying this San Francisco living more each day. Sometimes I dream of the East Coast hustle that will be coming up down the road. Brooklyn Lager is really good and very sparse out west. The Academy of Art is roughing me up well and honing my skills though. I'll need to stay in the Bay until that ol' degree is finished. Probably 2010 or so taking classes part time. It's cool though, there are plenty of web opportunities here to keep me occupied.

Last weekend was the Pride parade. There were a ton of people in the city as usual. Alright, time to get out of my bed and go get afternoon breakfast before the good cafes close. Mmmmmm summertime in the SF Bay area. Wear your jacket.


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