Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some CSS (both a code and a band)

In between client projects I have been brushing up on CSS best practices. Just creating some flexible layout templates for use on later sites. If you are a CSS/HTML hand coder, I recommend these to sites: - This is home of the CSS hack hero, Holly Bergevin, who came up with the "Holly Hack" fix for Internet Explorer v6's inhuman treatment of CSS page elements. I'm currently applying this hack to the Will2think sites and am glad there are people like Holly who investigate buggy browser issues. - Dan Cederholm resides at this URL. He is a CSS guru with an amazing way of translating his techniques into articles that even the most under-tech savy visual designers could understand. Cederholm worked on the CSS/HTML for Blogger and the new AIGA site.

But CSS is a band! You scream. I know. I know. So lets rock out...

They kind-of remind me of a band I saw at Edinburgh Castle last week... can't remember the name of that band. The best rock band I've found recently is "The Show is the Rainbow" by the way.

No these links are not for SEO third party linking purposes. (I'm actually into this stuff. Sad I know!)


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