Monday, June 11, 2007

Site re-design browser testing.

I am happy to announce that the new site re-design has completed cross-browser QA. It now works great *fingers crossed* even in Internet Explorer Version 6 for the P.C. That browser should be removed from the marketplace and never spoken of again for the headaches that it causes web developers. The issue of I.E. being difficult to work with is old-hat though and beside the point. For now, we all have to live with it. It is still the king of web browsers to the general public. If you are using Internet Explorer, I would recommend switching to Firefox. It works better and it's free.

Now, I ask for your help dear user. Please report any browser issues with the Will2think site by commenting on this blog or shooting me an email. Don't be shy. All feedback is valued. There are a ton of possible user scenarios out there and I would like to know if people accessing the site ever run into trouble.


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