Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's my birthday! Today!

Yay! It's my birthday! And it's going to be awesome! Yeah, I don't fool around anymore and get all sad on my birthday, not feeling sorry for myself today. It has become my philosophy that birthdays are awesome and today it is my birthday, so there you go. This means that the sun is out and feels hella good. My sweetheart took me to breakfast at Golden Coffee, my favorite Lower Nob Hill cafe. Then she gave me a t-shirt from Brand Fury (they have the best original SF t-shirts & I consult them often for what is cool). Operation "every birthday is awesome and not depressing" is underway and in full swing.

I'll be dropping in with the people from the The Loin's Mouth (our local neighborhood zine) later tonight. I was able to contribute to their first three issues and enjoy coming up with ideas in a group of exciting local folks. Hopefully they'll have a sweet article in the works that needs some graphic/photo assistance.

Other then that, same ol', doing freelance jobs with a handful of good clients and working on my own side projects. I've been really happy with the work that has been produced this month. Starting to get excited for a couple of projects to be finalized so they can be put into my portfolio. Later this week, I'll be flying back to Kansas for a friend's wedding. Everyone is getting married this year. In Kansas. It's gonna be hot! Also, going to be back there seeing my sister get married in November. What a happy day that will be :) The couple getting married this week are a pair of important friends who I was really close to back in Manhattan, KS. They'll be honeymooning out in the Bay Area after the wedding, so a bit of show and tell will be in order.

Once all work is done, later tonight, I'll celebrate with a drink of wine and the day will be complete. Hurray!


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