Friday, June 22, 2007

Bowie & Shannon's Wedding

As promised here are some pictures from my friends' wedding last weekend. They got married on a hill with a beautiful view. It was a nature preserve called "Bird Runner".

Pre-wedding groom and groom's men.
Wedding party looking to the right.
What's that in the distance?

Here comes the bride.
Incense was offered to the Buddha.
Bowie and Shannon were married by a Dharma Teacher in the Kwan Um School of Zen.

Wedding group looking down at step.
The first step as a married couple... don't worry guys, your family is watching out for you.

Couple dancing.

Three people at the wedding dance.
And with the friends married a wedding dance ensued. Pictured are Sheri, Jonas, and Scrilla. All are stand-up individuals.

So there is another personal post. As far as my professional life goes, this week has been full of networking and interviewing. With so much emailing, office visits, and phone calls, I'm itching to do some intense design work soon. Just watching and looking for the right opportunity to bite.


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