Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vacationing + looking for growth

I'm flying across the country tomorrow to Charlotte, NC. The trip is to visit a couple of good friends of mine. It is a much needed break. Everything seems to be turning on it's head for me here in San Francisco. I don't want to say it's bad luck, just stressful situations and endless politics. Hopefully something will give soon.

If a shift in my career path is on its way that is fine by me. Will2think's business has to grow and become independent of all other gigs in order to achieve substantial results. There are signs that new growth is on it's way.

So it's off to the South for the first time! It's cool because I really am interested in exploring the United States during these difficult times. It is important to get perspectives from everyone in our country before drawing lines of wrong/right, red/blue, and evil/good. It's a really hard time to be an American. It's a time when you don't know whether to be proud or not and there is no way to judge the long term outcome of current events. Let's just say, I'm working to find my place and design's place in this madness, dysfunction and uncertainty that we all face.


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