Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday morning post

Today feels like a sunny calm de-compression. The plan is to go north and find this place call the Friends of Nature club. Just trying to relax and let go of the hectic work week! California is good for that. I'm reading a little more in "Geek Love" by Kathryn Dunn in an attempt to finish. It's a pretty fucked up book. A nice mix of carnies, perversion, dramatic backstabbing, and magical sci-fi fantasy. Over the last three months I've started reading five books and haven't finished one yet :) I'm enjoying "Bulletproof Web Design" by the guy who did's design (and in turn set up the template for this blog, hehe).
Things are going well... less working in the evenings due to my hiatus from the Academy of Art... still hella busy with work and projects coming in, but able to clear my head better and breath. There must be some kind of rumor going around the school that I'm traveling all of the time. My classmates always bring it up when I see them. It's funny to think about. Sure, I've done some short weekend trips, but nothing extravagant yet. Ah well. It would be hilarious if they really think there is some continent hoping going on. Rumors are sooooo small town. Pffht.


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