Friday, January 19, 2007

Making it in NYC

I'm finally in New York and taking pictures for The pictures so far are from Lower Manhattan, Central Park, and places in-between. It snowed here last night and has melted off since. I don't want these pics to look too season specific! Just walking out the door to head over to Queens... tomorrow is Brooklyn... so exciting. It really is f'n boss here and yesterday I felt like I spent 80% of my time in the subway.
I like the people so-far too. Nice and strong. Besides just taking pictures I was able to check out the Met (Metropolitian Mueseum of Art). They had a great exhibition of German paintings from Max Beckman and Otto Dix. I was really hoping to find some Ernst Kirchner (my favorite fauv'ish painter) though... some of his stuff is in St. Louis and I've had a hard time finding more of his paintings. The Cezanne pieces in the Met were fantastic though. Also, they had a Seurat painting that I'd learned a lot about in Kansas State art history classes. Overall pretty sweet.


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