Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Things are finally starting to wind-down from what I'd have to label the busiest 5 months of my career! I'm just wrapping up the work I've done for the Fall Academy of Art grad-school classes. The Paul Thomas Anderson film festival project turned out excellent and I'm very happy with the results. The holidays are going alright and are providing a little breathing room from all of the late-nights and bouncing around from one computer store to another. Epson keeps making a fortune off of my quest for this MFA degree!

Hotwire.com has been rewarding lately and I've just finished pumping out all of the pre-2007 creative requests from our marketing departments. It's looking to be a good year for the site and from a graphic standpoint, I am proud of how branded the company's look has become over the last year.

In mid-January I will be visiting New York City to begin work on randomNYC.com. The randomSF, randomLA, randomNYC project will hopefully grow into my thesis which I will be proposing in February.

Other then the design work I've been doing for Hotwire.com and the MFA hazing that the Academy of Art is letting me purchase, I've been chilling with my girlfriend and learning more about California from her. She's totally down and has been teaching me the local secrets (like ordering "animal style" food from In-&-Out burger). The west coast has been making me feel soft as hell lately. It's true what they say about that and I'm trying to decide how soft I'll allow myself to get before finding a place to harden-up again. San Francisco, is still the best home for me until the Academy of Art has shown me everything it can. Who knows after that? New York? Portland? Chicago? Europe? I'm keeping my options open and working on my bullet-proof resume and portfolio.


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