Saturday, November 04, 2006

P.T. Anderson, Hotwire, Punk Rock

Things have been buzzing over here at Will2think. I'm developing the materials for a film festival of Paul Thomas Anderson movies for the Academy of Art University. I've name the festival "Vivid Dysfunction" to reflect the emotional domestic situations in Anderson's films. I'm a huge fan of his work and want this thing to look f'n super. Here is a preview of the project's progress:

Pictured are a low-res full-size poster for the festival (the final one will be in full color and printed out-of-house), sketches, poster studies, and a prototype of a DVD boxed set. There are over a dozen deliverables for this project including the DVD boxed-set, a website, animated logo, tickets, schedule of events, and promotional materials.

I've also been designing a ton of projects at It's always a high volume, quick turnaround environment and I've been doing about 4-7 projects per week for them to pay the bills. We've got a great in-house creative team. I'm unable to post any of my work for the site until it goes live.

There is stress and scrutiny that goes along with being a designer in San Francisco. We are a city full of great talent. I'm working on getting back to my punk-rock roots and expressing strong ideas cleanly and confidently. It's an exciting and pivotal time in our country. There is an interesting and challenging path ahead of me and no reason to let outside opinions stop me from rocking through.


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