Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tenderloin Invasion

There is going to be a guerilla style photoshoot down in the Loin on Labor Day. The Loin's Mouth neighborhood zine (which is pretty badass fo' sho') is putting on some kind of zombie mob riot thing. It's from 3pm-6pm and everyone should meet on the Asian Art Mueseum's steps. I think that is Hyde and McAllister Streets. Come support the TL.

*Here is the PDF with all the info*

P.S. Just cuz I do the corporate thing, that doesn't mean I quit loving a little slummin'.


Blogger CDizzle said...

Zombie costume and paint: $40
Cost of a plane ticket to SF: $300
Cost of BART pass to get to TL: $10
Dressing up like a zombie and sticking it to the man: Priceless

10:38 AM  

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